UN Faces Sex Video Scandal in a UN Official Car (Video)

UN Faces Sex Video Scandal in a UN Official Car (Video)

The United Nation is reportedly facing a Sex video Scandal. However, UN expresses that it’s “shocked and deeply disturbed” after a video of a couple apparently having sex in one of its official cars in Israel went viral on social media platforms.

Recall, the UN received and investigated 175 allegations of sexual exploitation and abuse against its staff in 2019. Out of the total, 16 were substantiated, 15 were unsubstantiated and all others were still being investigated.

The scandalous viral video, shot in Tel Aviv, shows a woman in a red dress straddling a man in the back seat of a UN white SUV car. From the movement, it seems the two people are involved in sexual activity. A bald man captured in the video, sitting in the front seat seems to be asleep.

However, there is no information on whether the activity involved payment or if it was consensual.

According to the BBC, the video was apparently filmed on the main street by Tel Aviv’s seafront in Israel. The report states that the plate of the car belongs to the United Nations Truce Supervision Organisation (UNTSO).

“We are deeply disturbed by content of video apparently involving personnel from #UNTSO. An investigation was swiftly launched & is moving very quickly. Appropriate action will be taken, (sic)” the UN spokesperson tweeted.

Stéphane Dujarric, the spokesman for the UN’s Secretary-General, António Guterres, described the 18-second video as “abhorrent” and said that kind of behaviour “goes against everything we stand for and have been working to achieve in terms of fighting misconduct by UN staff.”

“We are shocked and deeply disturbed by what is seen on this video,” Mr Dujarric said. He said an investigation led by the UN’s Office of Internal Oversight Services was “moving very quickly” and the location of the incident was known and identification of the individuals seen in the video was “close to being completed”.

“We expect the process to be concluded very quickly and intend to promptly take the appropriate action,” BBC quoted Dujarric as saying.

However, UNTSO has issued statement;

“The mission was the first-ever peacekeeping mission established by the UN in 1948, comprising Military Observers to monitor ceasefires, supervise armistice agreements and prevent military escalation. UNTSO is headquartered in Jerusalem.”

“the Mission stands committed to the UN’s zero-tolerance policy against any kind of misconduct, including sexual exploitation and abuse, and reminds its personnel of their obligations to the UN Code of Conduct.”

According to the spokesman of the Secretary-General, Mr Stephane Dujarric, UNTSO  is “shocked and deeply disturbed” by the footage. Dujarric confirmed that the video featured a 4×4 vehicle, containing personnel “likely assigned to the UN Truce Supervision Organisation (UNTSO)”.

Media reports say the footage was recorded on HaYarkon Street, a major thoroughfare in Tel Aviv, the Israeli capital, although the UN said its authenticity had not been confirmed.

The BBC quoted Ms Heather Barr, Co-director of the women’s rights division of Human Rights Watch’s, as saying the video did not come to her as a surprise.

Barr, who according to the news outlet had worked for the UN in Burundi and Afghanistan, said the UN had a bigger problem than the video.

 “That problem is about allegations of sexual exploitation and abuse committed by staff members of the UN,’’ she told the medium.

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UN Sex Video Scandal in a UN Official SUV car

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