The World Class Emerging Smart City in Nigeria- Domak Garden City Karshi (Video)

The World Class Emerging Smart City in Nigeria- Domak Garden City Karshi

Domak Garden City (DGC) Karshi is a City project legacy of Domak Shelter Ltd. born out of inspiration and innovation in the Real Estate Industry. DGC is a city for all…from the High Exotic to the Middle down to the Lower class – No matter your position in life, you have a stake in owning one of Nigeria’s emerging smart city of global value and standard.

DGC Karshi is primely located at the border town between Abuja and Nasarawa State which is 15 mins drive to the capital city. Domak Garden City is an expanse land of about 1,170 Hectares of land (about 13,000 plots of land), which is considerably bigger than Gwarinpa, and other similar satellite cities in the Federal Capital.

Domak Garden City Karshi (DGC) Survey Plan showing the plots of land already allocated to clients/Subscribers

Domak Garden City (DGC) is dedicating over 30% of land mass to infrastructure to give the city all the features a modern-day smart city would demand. These unique city features include;

  • An Artificial Lake
  • A Good Resort
  • Dam and water supply
  • A State-of-the-Art Shopping Mall like Shoprite, Game/Next Cash and Carry, etc.
  • A Standard General Hospital and other needed Medical Centres
  • Schools for our kids, from Cradle to Secondary
  • A Tertiary Institution
  • Central Business District that would house the business hub of the city, e.g Banks, Government Parastatals Corporate Offices, Plazas, etc.
  • Lush Green Area for Parks and Gardens
  • A Games Village
  • Golf course
  • 85,000 Housing units
  • Abattoir
  • Petroleum and Gas stations
  • AI security protocols center
  • Tram and mini Metro station
  • A 25,000 Stadium capacity
  • An Industrial Area
  • A Mechanic Village
  • A Computer Village
  • Allocation of Land for Religious Activities
  • Any other feature that can be found in a modern-day smart city.

The average sizes of the plots in DGC are 450 sqm, 660 sqm and 810 sqm. However, the 450sqm and 660 sqm is PRESENTLY going for ₦350,000 and ₦450,000 respectively.

Upon subscription with a little token of 1% of the minimum cost price which is ₦3,500 for 450 sqm and ₦4,500 for 660 sqm respectively which is spread over the moratorium period of 22 to 24 months for full payment, you are already a Landlord.

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For more enquiries: Call +2348189433891, +2348189433890, +2348176768198

Gist flash urges you to seize this opportunity DOMAK has presented to make your future-self proud of you today.

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