The Five W’s of Life

In life the best things… I mean the “best things” (Just name it…) always happens unexpectedly. You don’t have to hold on to anything or anyone tenaciously because “Life” itself is very simple if you understand its rudiments.

Talking about the rudiments, I will summarize it in five “W” s;

Light begets Understanding…

WHO: Who you are is what makes you special therefore, do not change yourself for anyone

WHAT: What lies ahead will always be a mystery. Do not be afraid to explore every moment you have.

WHEN: When life pushes you over, push back harder… Do not give up!!!

WHERE: Where there are choices to make, ensure you make the choices that you will not regret.

WHY: Why things happen in life will never be certain. Learn to take it in and move forward.

If everyone can follow the rudiments of life, I believe the rate of suicide will reduce


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