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Release Emperor, Tyranny Has No Place in Abia State – Abians



Release Emperor, Tyranny Has No Place in Abia State – Abians

On the 24th day of March,2020, Barr. Emperor Gabriel Ogbonna was arrested by some police officers numbering about 15 who stormed his law office at Aba, Abia State.

After his arrest, he was taken to the Police State Command where he was confronted with a petition written against him by the Governor of Abia State where he was alleged to have published false and threat messages in the internet that the Executive Governor of Abia State swore an oath before the Ancient Harashima to abide absolutely by the conditions presented by his predecessor in office and subvert the people of Abia State.

He however denied the allegations and challenged the Police or Governor to show him where he made such publications but they failed to provide any evidence.

In a bid to unjustly incarcerate him, the Police quickly prepared a malicious charge and arraigned him before a magistrate on a matter over which the magistrate has no jurisdiction to adjudicate. Their aim was to see that he was remanded in prison custody. They however fulfilled their aim when the said magistrate remanded him at the Prison on that same 24th of March.

Barr. Emperor Gabriel Ogbonna is just an Abian who has chosen to make his stand and opinions known about the misgovernment in Abia State.

He has been kept away from his pregnant wife, kids, relatives, friends and associates for about 90 days.

Anyone who doesn’t see anything wrong with the Government leadership in Abia State needs a psychiatric evaluation.

On the 28th day of April, 2020, Emperor was granted bail by the court. His bail conditions were met that same day and in the evening as he was leaving the correctional center in Umuahia, he was accosted by men of the DSS who came in the company of the Chief of Staff to Abia State Governor, Dr. ACB Agbazuere. He was reasrrested and taken into DSS custody.

He was detained at the DSS office in Abia State following another petition written by one Non-governmental Organization which alleged that he made some comments on Facebook which are subversive of the Government of Nigeria. We clearly understand that this rearrest may not be unconnected with plots by the Abia State Government to continue to inflict pains and agony on this young man and his family.

Afterall, the NGO which they claimed petitioned the DSS is a faceless organization which as at 28th April, 2020 remained unregistered in accordance with the provisions of the CAC acts.

Emperor Gabriel Ogbonna was subsequently moved to Abuja DSS Office after over 3 weeks of detention in Abia State.

On the 18th day of May, 2020, his case with the Abia Government came up in Umuahia and he was nowhere to be found as the DSS couldn’t provide him. The matter has now been adjourned to 26th June, 2020 for hearing with an express order to the DSS to provide the young man on that day.

Informations from reliable sources has it that the Executive Governor of Abia State may have no personal interest in this matter which implies that he understands that he stands to gain nothing from the continued detention of Emperor Gabriel Ogbonna. However, people around the Governor obviously do not mean well for him by masterminding the rearrest and unlawful detention of this young man.

The implication of this is that the Governor who is the focal person in all of this has his name dragged in the mud. I doubt if the Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu I know will ever want to be associated with any allegations bothering on tyranny and oppression of Abia citizens who have chosen to voice out their dissatisfaction with the happenings in the state. Therefore, it has become very expedient for the Government to retrace their steps as this isn’t in their best interest both now and in the nearest future.

In all of these, the deafening silence of the NBA at various levels viz: National, State and Sub-state levels is worrisome.

Never in the history of Nigeria has a state government ever packaged charges against its own citizen and used it to make a case for the presidency against its citizen but Abia State did it. Acts like this give credence to the assertion of the perceived enemies of Ndigbo that “Igbos hate themselves”.

Igbos will never forget, Abians will never forget.

It will be utterly right to say that the battle against Emperor is a battle against all well-meaning and good-spirited Abians.

Emperor Gabriel Ogbonna wasn’t working for any political party or any political bigwig. Whatever Emperor Gabriel Ogbonna did was borne out of passion to see Abia State evolve from Obscurity to limelight.

Therefore, I’m not surprised that many big politicians and influential persons aren’t interested in his case. However, if some of these elites who claim to mean well for Abia State are wise, they’ll definitely intervene in this matter because posterity will never forget them. Let me remind them that Abians are keenly watching and at the right time, Abians will rightly show their gratitude to all those who stood for justice and fairness.

In all of this, it’s pertinent to remind the Abia State Government that there are still Abians who against all odds, can NEVER imprison their conscience, who can go any length to advocate for what is right for Abia and Abians, even if it means staking their lives.

If asking for the delivery of the dividends of democracy to Abians is a crime, then most of us will gladly plead guilty.

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