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PNAI unveils special taskforce on multiple taxation urges citizens to support FG on intelligence gathering




PNAI unveils special taskforce on multiple taxation urges citizens to support FG on intelligence gathering

Policing Nigeria Awareness Initiative (PNAI), a security outfit, on Thursday in Abuja urged Nigerians to support the Federal Government in the area of intelligence gathering to rid the country of security challenges.

Founder and Chairman Governing Council, Amb. Egbe Akparakwu Adun made the call at the unveiling ceremony Presidential Policing Marshals Special Taskforce on Multiple Taxation, Tax Justice, Revenue Remittance, Sustainable Food Security and other Crimes.

He also emphasised the need for citizens to support the President Muhammadu Buhari administration to tackle security challenges by carrying out their voluntery supportive activities at the grassroots.

Adun, who is the PNAI Special Intelligence of Marshals, noted that there are so many things citizens could do to add value to national security and nation building.

He said that developing a country was a business of all citizens, saying ” we are in a state where Nigeria must understand and recognise the importance of supporting national building.

” It is not about President Buhari or any former President or the next President to come but it is about the citizens of the Federal republic of Nigeria.

” Out there we think about what to give our country but in Nigeria so many people think about what they can get from Nigeria,” he said.

” For me what I have to give Nigeria is what I am launching today and I need your support, I want government to take ownership.

” And I want every Nigeria that truly love this country to be bold enough to confront anything around you that you know is dragging this country backwards.

” Nigeria is our only country. We don’t have another and for now we must protect it

” Today we are set to unveil the major identity, the major focus and then tell Nigerians that there is still hope.

” If any Nigerian feel that because there is insecurity in the country, the hope is lost tell the people that the hope is not lost.

” Nigeria is our country and until all Nigerians rise the country will not be protected.

” If all persons or individuals will see it from the angle policing Nigeria Marshals is seeing it we will make Nigeria great again.

” Looking at the agenda of President Muhammadu Buhari administration who is doing all he can to see that Nigeria come out of the present security challenges.

” We are calling on citizens to support the administration in the area of intelligent gathering and supporting the government in the areas of carrying out your own voluntary supportive activities at your local levels.

” It can be at the community level, it can be at the local level or at city and even urban cities.

” There are so many things citizens will do to add value to national security and building.

” We are here to unveil a logo, to unveil an identity and to tell Nigerians that the war against multiple Taxations that sounds like a game, that sounds like some person somewhere are playing drum and dancing.

” We want to passed a message to the media and other stakeholders that multiple taxation has done so much things that drag this nation backwards to the point where so many things are not working well

” And until it is taken in this format and taken by every citizen to the grassroots we will not be able to contribute our part to developing Nigeria.”

On his part, Sani Aliyu, the Commandant General, Neighborhood Enlightenment and Safety Organization (NESO), urged Nigerians to rise to the occasion of security awareness.

Aliyu said lack of security awareness had cause the country and Nigerians a lot, stressing the need for all Nigerians to contribute to curtailing insecurity in the country.

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