Paraguayan Prosecutors Releases Ronaldinho For Entering Paraguay With a Fake Passport

The Paraguayan Prosecutors releases 39 years old Brazil football legend, ‘Ronaldinho’ after he admitted being guilty of entering Paraguay with a fake passport.

The former Barcelona superstar and his brother and business manager Roberto Assis entered Paraguay on Wednesday with fake passports bearing their names with Paraguayan nationality despite having their Brazilian passports confiscated in 2018 following conviction in an environment offence.

They were detained in the Resort Yacht & Golf Club Paraguayo and were later interrogated by law enforcement officials. Prosecutor Federico Delfino said the brothers recognized they had committed a crime but said they did so unwittingly.

“We are looking for an alternative way out of this that doesn’t result in a formal accusation and that recognises that these people were, we can say, taken by surprise,” Delfino told reporters in the Paraguayan capital.

However, it was confirmed that these were gifted these fake passports and an investigation indicated the numbers on the passports corresponded to other people; and Brazilians do not need a passport to travel between Brazil and Paraguay, because they are members of the Mercosul bloc.


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