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One Stop Youth Talk: 7 Recommendations to Curb Youth Criminality and Social Vices – NYCC-19



Curbing Youth Criminality and Social Vices Amidst Covid-19

The Nigerian Youth Compact on Covid-19 (NYCC-19) had there Zoom webinar “One Stop Youth Talk” on Thursday, 2nd July, 2020.

It was a very successful and interactive session with some guest speakers such as; the Executive director, Youth Advancement Initiative, Akure ‘Mr. Ado Mario Emmanuel’, President and Executive Director of Nigeria Female Youth Organization/ Michelle Youth Initiative for Sustainable Development ‘Princess Mimi’ and the immediate General Secretary for the Association of Resident Doctors, FCT Branch ‘Dr, Jumoke Olajumoke’.

The webinar centered on “Curbing Youth Criminality and Social Vices Amidst Covid-19”. The chairman of NYCC-19 giving his opening remark during the 4th Edition of this webinar said that criminality is interwoven with unemployment which is the major causal factor.

According to him, the youths are being deprived of basic necessities of life and hardly does anyone see it as much of a problem. However, the government is at fault by failing to fulfil the basic responsibilities towards a very significant percentage of the population but those who are in a position reprimand the government are also at fault for not considering that failure as a serious issue.

Still on remark, the Vice chairman ‘Prince Echem’ said “An Idle man is the devil’s workshop which is why the NYCC-19 is out to help to assist in curbing these criminalities.” He urged the Nigerians to live within the confirms of the law.

 Princess Michelle speaking on social vices defined it as negative action against the norms in the society. She listed the various social vices like raping, pick-pocketing, drug abuse, exam malpractices, prostitution etc. and condemned it.

She heads an NGO campaign against Rape. In her speech, She said “most people who indulge in the act of rape do that to take away the dignity of the victim.”

However, she stated that a bill has been passed against rapist which means a rapist gets the same punishment as a murderer. Her campaign has gotten to the ministry of women affairs and the presidency. She also stated the dangers of drug abuse and urge youth to use their talents wisely and abstain from social vices.

Doctor Jumoke Olajumoke speaking on the Medical implications of rape to its victim said;

 “it may be a 5 mins for the rapist but a lifetime for the victim”.

 She spoke about the genital laceration, internal injury, STDs and STI.

However, she stated that some victims find themselves doing drugs as a result of depression. Therefore, she suggested that victims should talk to someone like a psychologist instead of venturing into drugs.

The Executive director, Youth Advancement Initiative ‘Ado Mario’ speaking on insecurity stated that 90% of police cases these days are home breaking while 60% of the culprits are as a result of hunger and joblessness due to unemployment.

He pointed out the effect of lockdown on the Nigerian youths and suggested that the government should liaise with NYCC-19 since they have the data of unemployed youths across the 774 L.G.A. in the 36 states and address the lacuna in the security structure in Nigeria.

Speaking further, He also suggested that government should provide more welfare for the security personnel who have turned beggars on the road. According to him, survey has shown that 60% of security personnel are culprits in supplying vital information to these criminals due to lack of proper welfare structure.

According to him “there is no thief in the community that the community members do not know but they have the fear of voicing out or getting someone arrested is their actual concern.”

“Most of these criminals have genuine pressing challenges which led them into these social vices.” He said.

However, he is advocating for a welfare package restructuring for the Nigerian youth and as well engage them jobwise as this will help curb these criminalities. 

Amb. Ikenna Nwaizu, a youth leader commended the NYCC-19 for organizing the “One Stop Youth Talk” Webinar. He suggested that youths should wake up and take responsibilities for their future. He urged youths to be strategic in the rightful application for the fight of the youth integration in politics and national leadership.

Pointing out the lapses in some government initiatives for the youths such as N-power, Engr. Matthew Oche suggested that the government should provide youths with a permanent job engagement so that the youths will not go back to the streets again as this will also help curb the issues of criminality.

Mr. Uzoh Ifeanyi, member of the Commonwealth Youth Alliance Association and Head of Advisory NYCC-19 urges the Nigerian youths to look inward to discover their inborn talents that will announce them in future.

In closing, the moderator gave some recommendation to the government which will go a long way to curb these social vices;

  1.  Inclusion and collaboration between the government and youths
  2. Youth engagement in local and public affairs including programs
  3. Giving youths the opportunity to design the youth centric programs for the citizenry
  4. Redesign new and affordable learning curriculum to accommodate the current realities.
  5. Allow youths interact in open forum with their counterparts across the society
  6. Relaxation of Government rules on youths’ access to opportunities
  7. Set up Mentoring programs for youths headed by average age achievers

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1 Comment

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Governor Yahaya Bello

Recall, sometime last week we hinted you on the 21 Reasons Governor Yahaya Bello ‘GYB’ Stands Out (Part 1). Obviously, the good works of his administration are visible to the blind and resounding to the deaf; In recognition of his outstanding Leadership style, he was awarded the Best Governor of the year by Aluta Media Limited  a popular News platform that focuses on the general welfare of the Civil Society Organizations.

The curiosity that greeted the first part of this series on the glowing stride of an unusual 45 years old who superintends the Confluence State of Kogi from LUGARD HOUSE, Lokoja is profound.

The Young man in Kogi is not one who will fix a road and spend half the said amount in Commissioning the Road. He believes in hard work over propaganda. His strides are Olympic and his commitment to good governance incredible, and that is the enigma called GYB.

Follow me as we present the second Part of the 21 things that qualify Governor Yahaya Bello GYB for higher office, indeed GYB STANDS OUT.

8. Are you aware that in 2017/2018 whilst the media was awash with heavy criticism of GYB and whilst the many political Godfathers that be deployed the Press against him, The World Bank rated Kogi State as one of the 9States in the Country that successfully reduced unemployment. Facts are sacred.

9. Are you aware that Kogi is not only the safest State in the North, Kogi is the second safest in the nation after the State of Osun. And Kogi has one of the most effective Vigilante Service that at some point have rescued kidnapped Police Officers. GYB has put a lie to the tale of Governors not being effective as Chief Security Officers of their States, having not only shown capacity and competency, GYB has made the Confluence State that shares border with almost 7 states the safest in the North, and the second safest in Nigeria. That’s the enigma called GYB.

10. Are you aware that cited in Kogi State is the third biggest Rice Mill in Nigeria built by GYB and functional. A very great stride that others will spend almost the equivalent in publicity, but with GYB service delivery is the way to go.

11. Do you know that GYB has built numerous skill acquisition centres across the three Geopolitical/Senatorial zones of Kogi, and that fully trained young men and women are given support capital, and that is why the World Bank MDG rating has Kogi amongst the best in Nigeria.

12. Whilst other States are busy profligately spending the Covid19 States Intervention and Support Fund, Kogi State is far gone in building one of the biggest medical facilities in Africa. To GYB “Even though I have my firm reservations on the Covid19 pandemic, I have decided to spend the Covid19 funds in building the biggest medical facility in this part of the world in Kogi, so that I shall have no cause to travel for medical tourism now or in the future.” That is the enigma called GYB.

13. GYB patriotically mobilized the Federal Government and His fellow Governors into a NO SHUT DOWN of the Economy in the wake of the second phase of the Covid19 pandemic. He has maintained that until the Covid19 pandemic is dispassionately interrogated, we cannot afford another LOCK DOWN of the economy. How more patriotic can a leader be?

14. Kogi State is an example of proactive Youth competency and capacity in governance. GYB with a cabinet of average age of 46 has ensured a safe, effective and prosperous Kogi.

You are at liberty to interrogate these fact, as we believe that the enigma fondly called GYB is fit, able and qualified for higher office.


Chabor Musa Nyamgul Jnr.

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Alhaji Atiku Abubakar welcomes new son from Moroccan 4th Wife, Jennifer (3rd Wife) Excuses herself



Atiku and Jennifer
Jennifer Douglas-Abubakar, third wife of the former vice-president has excused herself from her matrimonial home due to her husband’s decision to take a fourth wife.

According to the information from the family sources, She is yet to file for divorce and it was yet unclear whether or not she planned to do so.

Atiku Abubakar’s strong desire for a large family have been taken in good faith by his wives for many years. But his entanglement with a new wife of Moroccan origin appears to have dropped a bombshell for his favorite spouse, Barr. Jennifer.

Atiku Abubakar and 3rd Wife, Jennifer

According to the Republican News,  Mrs. Jennifer Douglas-Abubakar only recently relocated to London from their family homes in Abuja and Dubai, she has mulled her husband’s action and its consequences since Mr. Abubakar first introduced his new wife to the family in 2017, sources said. He married the Moroccan that year and in 2018 they welcomed their first son together.

The relationship has been kept a secret from the public even as Mr. Abubakar sought presidency as the major contender against President Muhammadu Buhari in 2019.

“He saw the relationship as a personal matter,” a family source told the Gazette over the weekend. “But it is understandable why the public would be interested in what is going on even in the most intimate corners of his household.”

Mr. Abubakar, 74, has for decades been vocal about his quest to manage the affairs of Nigeria’s governance systems. He first sought presidency in early and mid-1990s before being tapped as vice-president by Olusegun Obasanjo in 1999, leaving office in 2007 after two terms.

“Many people have become too used to his suave appearance that they often forget that he is a devout Muslim,” a family source said under anonymity to comment on Mr. Abubakar’s personal concerns.

“His faith allows him to take four wives or even more and we all know he has the financial and intellectual ability to elevate all his wives and children.”

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Gistflash gathered that Mr. Abubakar’s other wives have been more accepting of the Moroccan new wife than Mrs. Douglas-Abubakar, whom sources said was considered to be the worst hit by the development.

“She saw it as a let down because of the special level of care she had been receiving from the former vice-president,” a family source said. “She just felt the Moroccan woman had arrived to take her place.”

Our sources said Mrs. Douglas-Abubakar was expected to get over the matter since the Moroccan wife has been at home for three years and their new son has already clocked two.

A seasoned attorney of Igbo extraction, Mrs. Jennifer Abubakar has long been renowned for her critical roles in her husband’s political and vast business interests.

It was widely believed that her devotion to her husband’s success informed her alleged involvement in suspicious movement of funds on his behalf, which culminated in her indictment by the U.S. Senate’s Committee on Homeland Security and Government Affairs a decade ago.

The Anambra-born lawyer has since denied the scandalous allegations, dismissing them as a fruitless expedition of her husband’s political detractors.

However, the fallout from Mr. Abubakar’s marriage to a fourth wife may not necessarily constitute a stumbling block for his political fortunes in 2023, said political analyst Shola Olubanjo.

“For those of us who know Atiku Abubakar’s journey with Jennifer Douglas, it is difficult to say that the former vice-president should not take her reservations, whatever their nature, seriously,” Mr. Olubanjo said.

“Now that 2023 is gradually taking the front burner, he has to move fast.’ Nonetheless, Mr. Olubanjo expressed confidence in Mr. Abubakar’s ability to resolve the issues before campaign season to avoid being bogged down by personal challenges.

“He’s a shrewd politician and businessman,” the analyst said. “We shouldn’t expect anything less from him with respect to his household.” (Peoples Gazette)


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Netherlands govt approves 400,000 Euros for NLTP pilot project in Nasarawa State



Netherlands govt approves 400,000 Euros for NLTP pilot project in Nasarawa State

The Netherlands government has approved 400, 000 Euros for the Federal Government to embark on the National Livestock Transformation Programme (NLTP) in Nasarawa State.

Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Alhaji Sabo Nanono, disclosed this on Monday, at the Government House, Lafia, while on a two-day working visit to Nasarawa State.

Alhaji Nanono, while noting that the country has been toying with the issue of livestock development, which resulted into misconceptions about the NLTP, confirmed that funding for the project has been approved by the Netherlands government and that the Federal Government will embark on a pilot project in Nasarawa State.

The Minister further disclosed that with Nigeria having over 33trn varieties of livestock ranging from cattle, pigs, poultry, sheep, goats, camels, horses, among others, the country cannot afford to play with this national assets.

Commenting on the purpose of his visit to Nasarawa State, the agriculture Minister, said he was in the state to supervise five rural roads built by his ministry across the state.

While higlighting on the signigicance of agriculture to the development of the country, Alhaji Nanono lamented however that the sector has been neglected through the years, except with the coming of the President Muhammadu Buhari administration, which is priotizing agriculture.

The Minister pointed out that with the world now focusing on agriculture, it has become paramount that the country appreciates the opportunities inherent in the sector, especially that Nigeria’s growing population is pegged at 400m in the next 30 years.

He said his ministry attaches so much importance to Nasarawa State, in terms of agricultural development, as well as its potentials, ranking the state first in terms of diversity of various agricultural products, with potentials not only for promoting and ensuring food security in the country, but also for export.

The Minister added that Nasarawa State has also been selected among states that will benefit from the agricultural mechanization policy of the Federal Government, with arrangement finalized for the pilot mechanization in 632 LGAs completed.

“Nasarawa State has the potential for creating a strong relationship between agriculture and the industrial sector. And we have already started seeing some signs. And we are going to promote it in that regard,” the Minister stated.

He announced that as part of the FG’s programme of economic sustainability, for which N600bn was approved as support for small scale farmers, his ministry has registered over 78, 000 farmers in the state, with another 23, 000 registered for the dry season farming covering about 2, 400 hectares of land.

The Minister further disclosed that the FG will engage youths, in collaboration with universities for the production of export crops, stressing that Nasarawa State has been slated to produce soya beans for export.

Responding, Nasarawa State Governor, Engineer Abdullahi Sule, said the vision of his administration is perfectly in line with that of President Muhammadu Buhari, as well as the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, as it relates to food security.

According to Engineer Sule, in Nasarawa State, agriculture is seen as a business, an opportunity for employment and industrialization.

The Governor noted that with over 80 percent of the population of the state involved in one form of agriculture or the other, coupled with his knowledge of agriculture from his experience at the Dangote Sugar Refinery, he is convinced that Nasarawa can be another India or Brazil, when it come to agriculture.

While thanking the Minister for selecting Nasarawa State for the youth empowerment scheme for the production of soya beans for export, Engineer Sule appealed to the ministry to also consider the production of yams and cassava for export.

The Governor identified four major agricultural companies in the state, which when fully operational, will boost the economic development of the state.

He explained that Dangote Group acquired 68, 000 hectares of land, which will translate to 400, 000 metric tons of sugar, representing one-third of the sugar consumption of the country, in addition to generating 96 megawatts of power, as well as 2500 litres of ethanol.

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“But the most importantly, the project will generate employment for over 30, 000 for our people,” he said.

The Governor added that other companies like Olams, sitting on 10, 000 hectares but cultivating 5000 hectares, has over 2,500 employees, the Azman Rice, sitting on 14, 000 hectares, with the Flour Mills of Nigeria also concluding arrangement to take over 20, 000 hectares of land in Toto Local Government Area, setting aside 10, 000 hectares for rice production and another 10, 000 for cassava.

“If we have these four majors, then we are going to concentrate more on our outgrowers that will be able to feed these major operations,” Engineer Sule said.


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