NYCC-19: ‘Free Internet Business Hub Should be Provided for Young Business Owners’- Dr. Fadila

NYCC-19: ‘Free Internet Business Hub Should be Provided for Young Business Owners’- Dr. Fadila

It was an interactive section with the Nigerian Youth Compact on Covid-19 (NYCC-19) who held their 3rd edition of ‘One Stop Youth Talk’ program on June, 25th 2020.

This edition was anchored by the head of publicity ‘Millicient Umoru Osakwua’; featuring the ‘Dr. Fadila Abubakar Sodangi’ a lecturer from Nassarawa State University, Keffi (Faculty of Law); ‘Winifred Emmanuel’ a fashion designer from Gombe State; ‘Asi Eddy Archibong’ a young entrepreneur who runs a foundation in Cross River State; ‘Amb. Idris Musa’ a geographer, Environmentalist and business man who runs a Global Youth Network for Niger State and Franklin Patriot, the state commandant of Peace Corps of Nigeria in Edo State.

The Session lasted for 2 hours featuring youths across the country discussing the impact of Covid-19 on young entrepreneurs.

Millicient Umoru, the Head of Publicity for Nigerian Youth Compact on Covid-19 (NYCC-19) anchored the Live Streaming on Zoom. She gave a welcoming speech, elaborating on how Covid-19 has affects various sectors in the economy of Nigeria.

However, Dr. Fadila focused on the social business activity and the oil sector. She stated that the world economy has seen decline since 1930 and she suggested policy restructuring should be done to enable Nigerian youths measure up with the world standard on Technology. Covid-19 silver lining is gearing towards technology advancement therefore she suggested the government should set up free internet services (Business Hub).

In this light, Idris Musa expressed his displeasure on the inability to procure fertilizer for Agricultural farm produce and the hedges he faces while conducting his business as a geographer and an environmentalist.

Going further, Franklin Patriot stated that the demand surge is very high with lack of fund. He suggested that young business owners can partner with businesses and sectors of like minds in order to form that synergy to cushion the effect on Covid-19.

According to the Chairman of Nigerian Youth Compact on Covid-19 (NYCC-19) ‘Gambo Haruna’, the essence of the NYCC-19 is to collect data of the youths affected by Covid-19 for humanitarian intervention during and after Covid-19 is over.

Winifred stated the creative ideas she had about launching her fashion brand before the Covid-19 pandemic. However, the pandemic reduced her client base which made her partner with the web market to advertise her business. She also suggested that the state government should have an internet free hub for young entrepreneurs to advertise their business.

The Head of Assessment and Economic Impact on NYCC-19, ‘Lukman Salahudeen’ however assured the Nigerians that necessary measures will be put in place to help cushion the Adverse effect of Covid-19 on Nigerian youths.


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