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By: Comr. Millicent Umoru-Osakwua (Deputy Executive Director NYPA)

The Nigerian Youth Political Agenda have inaugurated their Executives Committee in Abuja yesterday.

The Executive Director Comrade Moses Kasar said the committee is saddled with the responsibility of re-constructing the Nigeria Political Landscape to accommodate more of Younger Political Leaders below the age of 50 years, that are uncompromisingly committed to National Integration and accelerated Nation Building, far above Personal, Partisan, Ethno-Religiuos devides.

Comr. Kasar said, the mission of NYPA is to intensely advocate for Good Governance at the three tiers of Government, and identify young, patriotic and credible Leaders across all sectors of National Polity, while encouraging such individuals to vie for various political offices, with the view to progressively sanitize the Political System.

He added that NYPA’s goal is to raise about 20 Million NYPA Marshals to ensure that over 70 percent of Elective and Appointive Political Offices in Nigeria are occupied by Nationalist and Patriotic Leaders under the age of 50 years, or highly Youth Friendly Politicians above 50 years but not exceeding 60 years, in the 2023 general election.

Comrade Kasar said, ” this platform will give opportunity to the youths to be liberated from both economic and political slavery. He encouraged young people to vie for political positions come 2023.

Comrade Kasar said, “youths are now aware of the importance to make impart in the nation’s polity.

The All Progressives Congress youth leader, North Central, Comrade Terver Aginde while speaking on the topic: Youth as leaders said, urged youths aspiring for leadership positions to ensure that they are ready to take up the responsibilities to lead as leadership comes with lot of challenges. According to him,”leadership starts from ones home. To be a good leader, you must first be a follower and a leader in your home.

Comrade Ayinde said, it is an obvious fact that the elite currently holding political positions will not freely hand over power to the young people in the country, hence he urged youths to device a strategy of negotiation to dialogue and chat a way forward. He added that the youth should be ready to take a bold step and get involved.

While pledging his support and availability to work with the team, Comr. Ayinde urged the newly inaugurated Executives to work as a team as that will enhance the positive change they seek.

Barrister Muslim Maigeri on his part urged the newly inaugurated Executives to advocate for the reduction in prize of parties nomination forms so as to enable the young people afford it, he implored the youth to consider taking positions in ward, local and state levels as it’s better to start from somewhere as that will draw the aspirant closer to the people.

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Comr. Solomon Adodo who was also present at the inuguaration ceremony used the opportunity to call on Nigerian Youth Political Agenda National Executives to deliver on their vision and mission by ensuring that come Nigerian Youths are fully included in both appointive and elective Positions come 2023.

Comr. Adodo, stated that youth must understand what leadership stands for and understand that one cannot give what he don’t have.

National Youth Political Agenda is a platform of young Nigerians from across the country and shall be a having a public lecture series which is slated to hold on 5th November, 2020 in Abuja.

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Donald Trump’s Atlantic City Hotel and Casino demolished (video)



Donald Trump's Atlantic City Hotel and Casino demolished

Donald Trump

Former US President Donald Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey was demolished amid cheers from a crowd on Wednesday February 17,

The casino which opened in 1984 during a decade of excess for Trump and other kings of capitalism, was reduced to rubble in 20 seconds by 3,000 sticks of dynamite. At about 9 a.m., a series of controlled explosions were heard before the 39-story building imploded on itself.

The Plaza was the first of 3 casinos Trump owned in A.C., and was the site of some marquee boxing matches and other big events after it opened in 1984. All 3 casinos eventually went bankrupt and Trump left town.


Donald Trump

Though it was the most successful casino in Atlantic City for a short period, by the time it closed its doors in 2014, it was the poorest-performing casino in town.

The plaza was purchased by billionaire Carl Icahn in 2016. He also purchased the Trump Taj Mahal, which he later sold to Hard Rock Café International. Carl Icahn currently owns the site and has not announced future plans for it.

There were cheers from a viewing party of people who had paid $10 to watch from their cars.

Secondary School Exit Classes to Resume August 4 for WAEC Exams Starting August 17

Controlled demolition for Trump Plaza was originally scheduled for Jan. 29. The city had planned to auction off the chance to blow the building up to the highest bidder, pressing the button from anywhere in the world or on scene. Neither came to pass — the demolition was delayed and the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity was kiboshed by Icahn.



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“An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic demands to the broader concerns of humanity.” – Martin Luther King Jnr.

Recall sometime last month, we drop two series of why Governor Yahaya Bello stands out among his contemporaries; you can read up  Facts & Figures: 21 Reasons GYB Stands out (Part 1) and  Facts & Figures: 21 Reasons GYB Stands out (Part 2)

The GYB revolution in Kogi remains a marvel to naysayers and a wonderment to those who are determined to see no good and say no good about the Yahaya Bello superintendence of the Confluence State, but the mere wish of failure cannot stop the determined. Kogi is a marvel on several scores because rather than join issues with his detractors GYB is at work for the good of the State of Kogi and her wonderful people.

GYB’s strides in Kogi are Olympic and so is his commitment to good governance, please carefully interrogate the concluding Part of the 21 things that qualify Governor Yahaya Bello GYB for higher office, as without an ounce of equivocation GYB STANDS OUT.

15. GYB leads the pack in the engagement of Youths, Women and the Physically Challenged in Governance and Leadership, little wonder the leadership of the ruling Party found him worthy to Chair the Party (APC) Revalidation and Reregistration protocols in that respect.

16. The UNITED NATIONS in a letter dated 26th January, 2020 without mincing words acknowledged and commended Governor Yahaya Bello for being one of the foremost gender sensitive leaders in Nigeria, and that Kogi State stands out as an example in gender balance in governance in Nigeria, indeed GYB was clearly praised for promoting women inclusiveness in politics and leadership. With such incontrovertible fact in a nation craving gender inclusion, GYB shows the way to the future.

17. Having made Kogi State the safest State in the North, and the second safest State in Nigeria after the State of Osun, GYB have been able to sustain an amicable Herder/Farmers cooperation in the State such that food security in the Confluence State of Kogi remains unbroken. And such that the world class Rice Mill constructed by the Government of GYB continues to produce Rice without hindrance, such is the enigma called GYB.

18. In the face of the raging Covid19 controversy regarding the position of GYB on the pandemic, and not worried about the invectives of The Presidential Task Force PTF on Covid19 ditto the warning that Kogi State is high risk, Kogi State has remained the State with the least Covid19 infections in Nigeria, and tops the chart in the State with the highest Foreign Direct Investment during the last Lockdown of the economy. In doing this GYB have chosen the love for his people and indeed the Country over political correctness. He has chosen the wellbeing of the nation over political correctness. And have chosen to challenge State operators to interrogate and find a home based approach and solution to the Covid19 pandemic. This uncanny patriotism and consistency qualifies GYB for the Presidency of the Country come 2023.

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19. Not only has GYB shown capacity as a leader of men and women, and a great manager of resources, the young man who at 45 superintends over and have secured a State with a landmass more than the entire South East put together, have also conquered the biases of ethnicity and religion in Kogi State. He has not only advanced the waters of religious and tribal harmony he has by being the first civilian Governor in almost 3decades to build a Chapel in the Government House, he being a Muslim, shown the way to religious harmony. Without a vestige of doubt GYB is the bridge builder that Nigeria needs today.

20. As the enigma called GYB continues to engage the young and the old at all levels and layers of leadership in the State of Kogi, he calls out to the nation called Nigeria to follow his exemplary leadership modem by building an inclusive leadership paradigm where the Young can draw wisdom from the old in a highly competitive world without the old feeling threatened. The GYB model is the call for a nation where competency and capacity is king, and GYB is saying that when made PYB we shall build a nation where competency and capacity reigns.

21. Being the Governor and the Chief Executive of the State that has paid off the most of its local debts, having lately paid off as much as almost 51billion of her local debt, GYB is saying that fiscal discipline and prudence shall be the hallmark of the nation he shall superintend by the grace of God and the citizens of this great nation come 2023.

Compatriots, Kogi State is an example of proactive Youth competency and capacity in governance. And GYB is the lamp holder showing the way to what Nigeria can become should the youths, women and the aged support him to replicate the Kogi magic at the national level.

The liberty to interrogate these facts are yours Countrymen and women, however the enigma fondly called GYB in the face of the sacred truths and facts here above presented is apparently the most fit, able and qualified for the high office of President come 2023.


Chabor Musa Nyamgul Jnr.
For Details On This and More, Please visit


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Buratai Reacts to PDP Rejecting His Ambassadorial Appointment



Lt.Gen. Turkur Buratai

The immediate past Chief of Army Staff, Lt Gen Tukur Buratai (Rtd) has said he won’t join words with the Peoples Democratic Party Party (PDP) over his ambassadorial appointment.

Recall on 26 January 2021,Buratai alongside other service chiefs “voluntarily resigned” from their positions. Following their resignation, President Muhammadu Buhari appointed Major-General Leo Irabor, Chief of Defence Staff; Major-General I. Attahiru, Chief of Army Staff; Rear Admiral A.Z Gambo, Chief of Naval Staff; and Air-Vice Marshal I.O Amao, Chief of Air Staff as replacements.

The president, days later, nominated the former security chiefs as non-career ambassadors in a letter sent to the Nigerian Senate. This led to a backlash from a section of Nigerians with the PDP calling on President Buhari to withdraw the nomination.

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The main opposition party also accused the president of trying to shield the former service chiefs from investigation and arrest. The PDP called on the Senate to eschew all partisan considerations and stand on the side of the people.

Speaking to newsmen after a special gala night organized for him by members of the 29th Regular Course Association of the NDA on Saturday, Buratai said he would not respond to the PDP’s statement.

He said: “It’s an honourable retirement and also an honourable appointment.

“I’m not a politician, so I have no word for the opposition.”

“I have done well”

He added: “I am happy that in July last year, my officers at the Army headquarters compiled a compendium of my achievements.

“In fact, I can’t even remember all the projects that we have executed. Is it in term of infrastructure? Is it in term of capacity building? Is it in terms of training?

“Since I was appointed, there was never a dull moment in terms of training.

“Remember the various exercises, these are training exercises from ‘Python dance’, ‘Crocodile smile’, and even the latest one ‘Exercise Sahel Sanity’.

“Is it in the area of medical? In terms of education of our children and wards, the Nigerian Army University are all great achievements.

“I think you can write volumes and volumes of books in terms of the achievements depending on the perspectives you want to take.”


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