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Meet the Man with 2 Faces (Edward Mordrake)



As the story goes, Mordrake was heir to one of England’s most noble peerages but he would never claim the title. He was a gifted musician and a scholar who lived in complete isolation from the rest of the world, even the members of his own family. In the original article, the author claims that the nobleman had a graceful figure and compared his face to that of the ancient God Antonius on the back of his head.

Ever since 2007, pictures have been circulating online allegedly depicting a 19th century Englishman named Edward Mordrake. According to an article initially published in 1895, in the Boston Post, Mordrake was born with an extra face on the back of his head. Even though it couldn’t speak to the outside world the face tormented him in horrible ways.

 According to the story authored by writer Charles Lotin Hildreth, Mordrake was eventually driven to despair and committed suicide at age 23. The face, which only occupied a small portion at the back of Mordrake’s head, was described as that of a beautiful girl and said to have been ‘lovely as a dream’. It also allegedly displayed every sign of intelligence. The lips would move incessantly as the eyes followed the movements of whoever was in front of it. If Mordrake was sad or crying, the face would smile with satisfaction.

 According to Mordrake, his vestigial face which he referred to as his “devil twin” never slept. He always wondered if his ancestors were guilty of some unforgiving sin and that he was bound to such a fiend as punishment.

While talking with his doctors, Manvers and Treadwell, about the extent of his suffering, he asked them to remove the face and destroy it even at the cost of his own life. We were not told if the doctors considered his request or not rather, he took it upon himself to seek what he considered to be the only hope of freedom from his ordeal.

 Even though he was monitored carefully , he managed to get some poison and committed suicide, He left behind a letter instructing whoever found it to destroy the face prior to his burial Mordrake feared that it might continue to whisper to him even in his grave torturing him for all eternity, as per his request he was buried in a waste place in unmarked grave.

There are several medical explanations for a condition such as Edward Mordrake’s case; there are also several aspects of his situation that are inconsistent but with documented medicine. He might have suffered from extremely rare conditions which only few known sufferers might have made it past infancy but Mordrake on the other hand lived up to 23 years old.

 By definition, the conjoined twins are genetically identical but Mordrake’s supposed Devil twin was a female. Even if it might have been misinterpreted as female, it’s highly doubtful that it would have displayed any sign of intelligence. Descriptions of the vestigial face of the two-headed boy claimed that it could grimace and to some degree move its eyes but some basic form of consciousness was present yet intelligence was never observed. According to the doctors, the idea that Mordrake vestigial face could reportedly whisper troubling things to him at lengths isn’t consistent with what is known in medicine.

However, Mordrake has definitely found a place in pop culture as the subject of various films or songs. He has inspired a Tom Waits song called “Poor Edward” and three episodes of the series American Horror Story where he was portrayed by Wes Bentley. Also, two novels were based on Mordrake and his terrifying condition and currently there is also a feature of length film under the working title “Edward Mordrake” in development having “Wes Bentley” as the key player in the film. We will update you when the movie is out.

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#BlackIsKing :Beyoncé Flexes her New Visual Album ‘Already’ (Video)



Early Friday morning (July 31), fans joyously unwrapped Beyoncé’s visual album Black Is King on Disney+.

Designed to be a re-imagination of the 2019 film The Lion King, Queen Bey looks to recreate the Black experience, mainly for young African American boys and girls on the project.

Studded with an army of talented dancers, actors and famous guest stars, Beyoncé’s passion project is a crystal-clear illumination of the importance of Black pride and excellence.

Beyoncé’s Black Is King is roaring into existence with a little help from a ferocious music video.

After dropping her new visual album Friday morning on Disney+, the icon released an accompanying clip of the project’s tune “Already” featuring Major Lazer and Shatta Wale.

The video sees Beyoncé shifting from stylized indoor locales to sprawling outdoor environments, including a scene where she’s perched in a tree covered in vivid body paint.

“Already” originally appeared on Beyoncé’s 2019 album The Lion King: The Gift, which the singer created with inspiration from Disney’s photorealistic remake — for which Beyoncé also voices a character — of the classic 1994 animated feature.

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Burna Boy Collaborates with Sam Smith for a New Album ‘My Oasis’ Set to be Released Today

In addition to new music, Black Is King also features guest appearances by Lupita Nyong’o, Naomi Campbell, Kelly Rowland, and Jay-Z, and tells a re-imagined version of The Lion King‘s narrative focused on communicating lessons “for today’s young kings and queens” to absorb.

Watching ‘Black Is King’ film, you would learn how Beyoncé Gives Hope to Young Black Kings:

Her words of affirmation: “If you think you are insignificant, you better think again,” “you’re part of something way bigger” and “we are winners” are poignant and vital to Blacks who have been scarred by the claws of racial injustice and prejudice.

She also stated that “Black Is Regal & The Star Power Proves It.” With Beyoncé dictating the tempo, Queen B enlisted a bevy of superstar talent to anchor her visual album.

However, The biggest gem proves to be “Brown Skin Girl” with star cameos led by Naomi Campbell, Lupita Nyong’o, and Beyoncé’s daughters, Blue Ivy and Rumi.

Beyoncé didn’t hold back in spreading the wealth in terms of locations. The iconic singer travelled to Belgium, West Africa, London, New York and Los Angeles to helm her hour-plus long film.

The singer even shot some vibrant scenes right at home. “It all started in my backyard,” she told GMA. “So from my house to Johannesburg, to Ghana, to London, to Belgium, to the Grand Canyon, it was truly a journey to bring this film to life.”

The film ‘Black Is King’  portrays the Values the Essential Black Community holds. The 90-minute film masterfully exudes the importance of family, female empowerment, self-identity, beauty and more.

The striking re-imagination is noble, as Beyoncé and company attempt to remedy the numerous tragedies endured by Blacks, specifically when it comes to police brutality.

By pouring out uplifting messages throughout the film, BIK is a sincere reminder that no battle can drown the swagger and confidence of Blacks in America.

With songs like “Freedom” and “Formation” at her disposal, Bey valiantly sacked the issues of police brutality and praised the valor of African American women.

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Burna Boy Collaborates with Sam Smith for a New Album ‘My Oasis’ Set to be Released Today



Sam smith and Burna Boy- My Oasis
Burna Boy Collaborates with Sam Smith for a New Album ‘My Oasisset to be released Today
Sam Smith ft Burna Boy

The British multiple award-winning singer, Sam Smith on Wednesday, July 29, announced he is collaborating with a Burna Boy for a new album named ‘My Oasis’.

He took to instagram and twitter to announce this new collaboration. In his post he said “My Oasis” comes following Smith’s decision back in March to postpone and rename their third studio album.

Originally titled To Die For and slated for a May 1 release, the singer revealed in an Instagram post that the timing and title of the album didn’t “feel right” to them, but promised fans that “I am still going to bring out some new music over the next few months.”

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Sam Smith and Burna Boy’s “My Oasis” will be released today (July 30) at 2:20 pm ET. Everyone have their different opinion on this collaboration.

However, Nigerians reacted positively to the announcement and one fan said Burna Boy being on the track would help revamp Sam Smith’s career.Check out the full teaser below:

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Domak Shelter Ltd. Set to Giveaway N10 Million to the Face of Domak



Domak Shelter Ltd. Set to Giveaway N10 Million to the Face of Domak
Domak Shelter Ltd. Set to Giveaway N10 Million to the Face of Domak

A Leading real estate firm in Nigeria ‘Domak Shelter Ltd.’ is set to giveaway N10 Million to anyone who emerges the winner of the Face of Domak.

Face of Domak is a laudable project. The first of its kind in the history of the real estate industry in Nigeria launched few days ago by Domak Shelter Ltd. It’s actually a unique marketing competition platform and concept, designed to market all products and services of Domak.

 The Nigeria publisher, Author, Entrepreneur and business executive, Lady Vivian Lam, popularly known as Queen Mother was appointed as the new Chief Executive Officer of the Face of Domak.


Domak Garden City: Own a Land with Just ₦350,000 (Video)

The World Class Emerging Smart City in Nigeria- Domak Garden City Karshi (Video)

The project was unveiled at the inauguration and dinner ceremony of Face of Domak 2020, which was held in Federal Capital Territory, Abuja on Friday 24th July 2020.

 Speaking with the press, the new CEO of Face of Domak, Lady Vivian Lam expressed gratitude to God Almighty and her amiable Boss, Amb. Kingsley Azonobi- the MD/CEO of Domak Shelter Ltd. over her new appointment. She pledged her utmost commitment and assured him greater results from the project.

Enerst Anyanwu a.k.a. Washington DC, Vivian Lam and the CEO Domak Group- Amb. Kingsley Azonobi

She further stated that the aim of launching the Face of Domak project is to solely market and promote Domak products and services, ranging from lands, real estate development, construction services, and all kinds of structural management.

 “However, with the new marketing concept and approach, Domak Shelter Limited is sure to have a new market boom”, she concluded.

Watch the Video:

According to Vivian, the Face of Domak contest will feature 50 marketers/ Contestants who will battle within 2 months for the Star Prize of 10million naira, a brand-new car, a trip to Dubai, 1 year wardrobe allowance, and an Ambassador of Domak.

However, the role and responsibilities of Vivian Lam would also major on defining a lead path, through innovative initiative to ensure that the long- and short-term development goals of Domak Shelter Limited is achieved, thereby ensuring awareness of a competitive landscape, explicate opportunities and an expanded exposition of creativity.

Stay tuned….

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