Kirk Douglas wills His Entire £61m Fortune to Charity Leaving Nothing to His Son

I learnt that a popular Hollywood actor who died at the age of 103 in his residence was laid to rest on February 7. According to the Mirror, Douglas willed his entire £61 million fortune to charity and his son, Michael, a Hollywood star who has his own net worth of about $300million was left with nothing from the father’s fortune.

L-R : Kirk Douglas and Micheal Douglas

The Mirror further disclosed that some of the beneficiaries include St Lawrence University, the Sinai Temple of Los Angeles, the Kirk Douglas Theatre and the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. He wanted $50 million given away via the Douglas Foundation, He survived by Anne, his second wife and three of his four sons (Michael, Joel, and Peter).

I really loved his roles in the movies, “Spartacus” and “Ace in the Hole.”

If he chose not to leave his fortune for his son Michael, we can understand his decision but what of his second wife Anne, and his two sons (Joel and Peter)??


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