John Kerry vs Donald Trump: A Sign of Something much Bigger going on Behind the Scene…

Taking down a mob boss in a third-rate country versus the most powerful man in the world. That’s just plain stupidity. General John Kerry is finally lashing out at President Donald Trump, more than a year after he left as Trump’s White House Chief of Staff. Kerry could have spoken up a lot more soon and done the nation a lot better, and he knows it. But even if you want to award Kerry no points for finally speaking out now, the fact that he is speaking out is a sign of something much bigger going on right now.

The US President, Donald Trump vs the Mob Boss, General John Kerry

Trump is just cashing in his chips maybe because he has major kompromat on every one of them and he’s calling them in and reminding them of that before they think about throwing him inside the box with some new book deal.

A lot people are asking “Why didn’t John Kerry speak out sooner?” the answer could be “His own agenda – whatever it may be – is more important to him than doing the right thing for America.” John Kerry simply decided that Trump has finally gone too far though he’s on the Board of Directors of one of the companies that runs Trump’s immigrant child prisons.

Once we’ve ruled out the notion that a guy like this would do it for the right reasons, we’re left to conclude that he’s doing it for pragmatic reasons. In other words, he thinks it’s a good opportunity to get on board with something bigger. No one knows what’s coming but Trump seems to think something big is coming because he has re-hired three of them this week, including two guys he hates. It’s almost as if Trump knew something was coming, and decided he had to entice Reince Priebus and Sean Spicer to not be a part of it. Right now, most of his top former White House advisers are either going back to work for him or coming out against him in curious fashion.  

I’ve read enough comments on this subject matter and as bad as it seems, the people feel Trump is hurting the US. I believe his true goal is to take down the Russian mob boss Semion Mogilevich. The neocons are hunting Trump. He’s crossed the line with Ukraine and the US giving up those bases.  I guess they want to take Trump out before he can start some foreign disaster they can’t finish.

Anyways, let’s see how this turns out.


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