I Met the Living-Dead; He Gave Me Gold worth $4000 to Deliver to His Mother

A facebook user took to his Timeline screen shots of his WhatsApp chat with Willy as the prove of chatting with his friend whom unknown to him was dead.

 “On 17th February 2020 I met someone who I knew in Vietnam (though we are not too close friends but we are friends), he held me from behind Oga Buchi…., then I turned and shouted “Willy” what are you doing here and where are you coming from? he said he is coming from Port Harcourt that he is going to Awka.” He wrote.

This happened in Upper Iweka Onitsha in front of Ifeanyichukwu Motors.

“He brought out gold from his pocket, and told me to buy or help him to sell it. He told me he saved money with it to complete his mother’s house before raining season and they have other expenses in the village to do soon, he told me he bought it $4000. I told him that am heading to main market, let’s go together but he insisted I should collect the gold that he trusts me. So, my friend who is with me said I should collect it.” He added

 He continued, “I told him to collect my number so he will call me so I can I will tell him how much they are pricing it. He said he will get his phone if he gets to Awka. He do not know his number off-head….. I went to a nearby shop, got pen and wrote my number for him. He left in hurry.”

According to the Facebook user, the Living-Dead Willy did not call him which got him worried. He thought perhaps Willy stole the gold and wants to set me up. This got him so scared that he contacted his friend in Vietnam identified as ‘Ugo’ who was a bit closer to Willy than himself.  When they chatted, Ugo confirmed to him that Willy died on the 11th of January,2020.

However, He was able to speak with Willy’s Mother and Aunty regarding the value of the Gold worth ₦1.44million though he tried to look for buyers who will increase the value. Willy whose native name was Uchechi is the only son of his mother came back on November, 2019 from Vietnam in preparation for his Traditional Wedding Solemnization scheduled for 15th January,2019. He was murdered through ghastly motor accident on his way back to Port Harcourt because he came back with Lexus.

According to Willy’s mother, Willy revealed himself in the dream to His mother’s cousin that he should be buried in his father’s family house where his death was planned. He also mentioned the name of his uncle responsible for his death. The family of his fiancée did not believe till 20th February,2020 when 5 Members of his mother’s family met them.

Fortunately, one Mrs Uju who travels to Turkey for business bought the gold at the cost of ₦1.45 million which was transferred to willy’s mother account according to the instructions of the Living-dead Willy who met him at Upper Iweka. The living-corpses will be buried on March next month.


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