FCT Water Board: AUPCTRE Union Demands Engr. Aliyu Nahuce Steps Down

The Amalgamated Union of Public Corporations, Civil Service Technical and Recreational Services Employees (AUPCTRE) demands Engr. Aliyu Nahuce steps down from his position as the General Manager of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Water Board.

The Chairman of AUPCTRE Union addressing the pressmen and the audience

The members of the AUPCTRE Union had a peaceful Picketing over the pending issues between the General Manager, Engr. Aliyu Nahuce and the FCT Waterboard. Among the union members were; the Chairman of the AUPCTRE Union ‘Aliyu Mahadum’, the Vice President of FCT Council, ‘Nuhu Shehu’, the National Board member, ‘Comrade Akpan Godwin’, the National Women Leader/Treasurer, ‘Comfort Okegbo’ and other representatives from various civil society organizations.

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The Chairman of AUPCTRE Union, Aliyu Mahadum expressed the concerns of the Union over the prevailing circumstances which has warranted the picketing of AUPCTRE Union. He stated the fact that the Engr. Aliyu Nahuce who is now the General Manager of the FCT Waterboard has been in service since October 1983 and as such he’s more than 35 years in Civil Service which means he is overdue for retirement yet illegally occupying that position. The attention of the FCT authorities has been drawn to this situation but it was considered insignificant.

AUPCTRE Chairman leading the Union members in a Benediction

According to the investigation concluded on Nahuce over fraud by the Economic Financial Crime Commission (EFCC) and base on the overwhelming evidence recovered after 18 months of investigation, Engr. Aliyu Nahuce is due to refund 1.75 million from a single contract he executed.

Aliyu Mahadum stated that Engr, Nahuce was arraigned on the 9th of November,2019 and by law he is not permitted to retain his position in the office. Nahuce who has a case in the Federal High Court, Abuja also appealed to the Industrial court over the circumstances surrounding his employment status and he has been granted court hearing on two occasions which was finally adjourned to April 1st.

AUPCTRE Union Members

The Vice President of FCT Council, ‘Nuhu Shehu’ has declared the intention to give a 21 days formal notice of strike for the FCT Water Board and if the FCT Authorities doesn’t grant them their request, there would shutdown of water supply in Abuja.


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