Coronavirus: Hydroxychloroquine Proving an Effective Treatment for Patients Around the World (Video)

Hydroxychloroquine is Proving an Effective Treatment for Patients Around the World

Reports flying in across the world that the drug Hydroxychloroquine has proven to be effective in the fight against coronavirus.

According to Pearson Sharp ‘One American News’ after 5days of administering Hydroxychloroquine drug treatment on patients, 70-80% of them has fully recovered from coronavirus and the federal government of America has officially sanctioned it to be used for coronavirus treatment.

As a result, France is authorizing prescription of Hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for coronavirus with the nations Director General of Health calling it “Beneficial to those suffering from the disease”.

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Doctors know that the 5 days is much faster for recovery as previously it takes up to 2weeks for an average patient to fully recover from this pandemic.

However, Hydroxychloroquine is currently used in over 800 hospitals in France where coronavirus patients are being treated and the effects will be stakes over in the next 6 weeks.

One of the microbiologists in Mousey reports that after treating 24 patients with this drug, about 6 of them has been completely cured with this drug.

Now, we are convinced that it’s only a matter of time before the whole world accepts Hydroxychloroquine as an effective solution for Coronavirus.

Hydroxychloroquine is an anti-malaria drug but it fights coronavirus by using Zinc to stop the replication of the virus. Reports sates that Zinc blocks the reproduction of viruses especially coronaviruses.

In 2014, researchers from Oklahoma built on that, discovering that the Hydroxychloroquine is extremely good at destroying viruses by allowing the human cells to absorb zinc.

Basically, the research found that by taking small amount of Hydroxychloroquine, Zinc levels shoot up in cells making it impossible to for viruses to take hold.

South Korea was the first to discover the effectiveness of Hydroxychloroquine, at the early February, Doctors in South Korea began to recommend it for treatment while Italy effectively started administering it on March 29th and the results have been laudable.

Studies in China made some more findings that Hydroxychloroquine has a “wide range of antiviral effect including anti-coronavirus”.

China Centre for Biotechnology Development even shows the patients treated with this drug showed significant drop in fever, improvement in their lungs and recovered much faster than those taking other drugs. Also doctors from Australia has similar reports to this effect.

New York has begun testing Hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for patients suffering from the disease which is a process that normally takes up to 9 months but this process was fast-racked by President Trump’s efforts.

Furthermore, Dr. Zelenko from New York reports that he has used Hydroxychloroquine, Zinc and Z-pak antibiotics (Zyflomycine) in the treatment on 699 coronavirus patients with 100% success rate; Non have died, breathing has improved in just 46hrs and the entire treatment course took just 5days and cost $20.

However, 500,000 dozen tablets of Hydroxychloroquine have been deployed for use in two upcoming clinical trials. the results from this trial will be ready in few days or weeks but from the reports of France, South korea and other countries; America has every hope that Hydroxychloroquine will soon cure the disease.

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