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I saw a viral video of how a married woman confronted a side-chic over her husband’s act of infidelity towards her as a wife. A lot of reactions and comments flying here and there on social media; People airing their views and opinions on this subject matter. Some comments were good, some were bad while some were really funny. However, I’m dedicating this piece to all strong women out there who paused their dreams at some point in life because of a man.

Most times we seem to forget our self-worth; we tend to crawl back into our shell whenever life hits us hard. It’s okay if we do that but for how long? Looking good is a good business, staying in shape and looking all hot and sexy for your man after having some kids with him is still okay but after that what happens next?

Before you met that man you, had some dreams and life goals you wanted to achieve, what happened to them? Have you ever asked yourself- What is my personality? Who am I and what do I have to offer?

Most women only move around with the consciousness of “I’m a Lady” neglecting the aura that comes with the sense of purpose behind “Being a Lady”. Do you even know your worth as a woman? Do you carry yourself with confidence? Do you study or work hard to add value to yourself and family? It’s a pity that some women don’t even know their rights and privileges as a woman, that is why you let yourself get tossed around by your man.

For the married women, I have a question for you- do you have any identity outside your husband? If your answer is “Yes”- Great!! You deserve some accolades but if your answer is “No” that is because you abandoned your dreams and drives at the altar of marriage. This defines why you appear insignificant the moment your husband starts drifting away from his commitment to you as a wife.

It is every woman’s desire to be loved, treasured and respected. For you to enjoy this, Self-development and Capacity building has a vital role to play. The mistake most women make is tying that knot with your man when you haven’t answered the basic questions you need to ask yourself as a woman- “What is my personality? Who am I? and What do I have to offer?”  Stepping into that marriage“Empty in terms of purpose” can be frustrating and disastrous.  If I must put it this way, “You cheated yourself even before the man cheated on you”. A piece of advice- Never abandon your dreams and life goals on the altar of marriage. Life is a school, you only graduate when you die therefore don’t stop building and developing yourself (mentally) even after marriage.

You might base the excuse on your negligence on you having kids and all that… “kids are hard work” Yes, we know!! They are really adorable!! but you shouldn’t lose yourself either. It is your due diligence to balance your life goals with your family duties. You should make it a personal task to always be on top of your games. There are lots of successful mothers with great impacts on the society as well as in their homes.

The war against side-chics shouldn’t be a physical confrontation just like the woman in the viral video did. You can only win this war when step up your games on your role as a “wife” and as a “woman of purpose”. Be that intellectual and irresistible woman who knows her worth and has value to offer besides “sex”.  Be that woman whom a man is afraid to cheat on because he doesn’t want to lose her. Be that uncommon woman which a man cannot easily replace with any other because your qualities are rare to come by.

 It is a proven fact that 80 % men are polygamous in nature and no matter how sophisticated their woman is, they still derive pleasure in cheating. Real men are attracted to intelligent ladies and women of wisdom. Can your man confidently discuss a disturbing business deal with you because he trusts your wise judgement? Can you make a logical and meaningful input in controversial situations?

 Therefore, I will urge all the strong women who sacrificed their dreams and life-goals on the altar of marriage or gave up on their dreams along the line because of a man; Yeah! I understand your pain and frustration but you need to dust yourself up, pick up whatever is left of you…go back to wherever you abandoned your dreams- Step by step, re-visit them one after another. Any man who claims he loves you will always support your visions for your life as woman. He won’t make you give up on your dreams because you chose to settle for him.

Finally, build your self-esteem by being conscious of your worth and who you are. Strive to be that irreplaceable; also worthy of note- live for yourself, your goals and your interests with this you have this inner fulfillment and happiness in you.

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Tim Cook Officially becomes a Multi- Billionaire



Tim Cook Officially becomes a Multi- Billionaire

Tim Cook, the Chief Executive Officer of multinational tech company – Apple, has joined the billionaires club as he officially becomes a billionaire.

Tim Cook Becomes A Billionaire

Apple’s market value has been on the rise following strong results and the upbeat outlook for tech giants.

Mr Cook owns 847,969 shares directly and took home more than $125m (£96m) last year as part of his pay package.

Last week, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg saw his personal wealth hit $100bn (£76bn).

What You Must Know About Bank Verification Number

Technology companies including Apple, Facebook and Amazon have seen their profits grow during the coronavirus pandemic as more people went online.

Silicon-Valley based Apple is now closing in on the milestone of being the first company to be valued at $2tn. Two years ago it become the first company to be valued at $1tn.

Tim Cook Becomes A Billionaire

Mr Cook took over from Apple founder Steve Jobs nine years ago. His billionaire status is based on the shares he owns and the compensation he has been paid at Apple, and calculated by the Bloomberg Billionaires Index.

In 2015, he said he planned to give most of his fortune away and has already donated million of dollars worth of Apple shares.

Facebook’s Zuckerberg has made a similar pledge to give away the majority of his shares.

Mr Zuckerberg, along with Amazon’s Jeff Bezos and Tesla’s Elon Musk, accrued their wealth from the huge stakes in the companies they founded.

In comparison, Mr Cook’s stake in Apple is minuscule at about 0.02%.

Based on US federal and state taxes for California, Mr Cook would face a tax rate of just over 50%, as a top-bracket earner.

While Apple has not revealed any new products as groundbreaking as its iPhone, the company has still thrived since Mr Cook took over the reins.

He has overseen the development of devices such as the iPhone X and Apple Watch, along with new services like Apple Music.

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Commission Pledges to Eradicate Illiteracy and Endemic Poverty in North-East




Commission pledges to eradicate illiteracy, endemic poverty in north east

The North East Development Commission Education Endowment Fund (NEDC-EEF), on Friday in Abuja has expressed commitment to the eradication of illiteracy and endemic poverty in the North East region.

The Chairman, Board of Trustees of the fund, Mr David Sabo Kente (DSK), made the pledge at the inauguration of the board by the Chairman of the North East Development Commission (NEDC), Gen. Paul Tarfa retired.

Kente said that the board would assiduously work towards the development of sufficient human capital in order to acquire adequate capacity for infrastructural and socio-economic development of the region.

He also said that the fund would build human capacity for the north east zone through scholarship endowment;
Offer citizens of member States equal opportunity in ICT skills acquisition and educational training at graduate and post graduate levels.

” We are also determine to provide educational training for families at Ward , Local Government and Senatorial district levels in all the States.

” And further the education of over 2400 beneficiaries of the Safe School Initiative (SSI) beyond Secondary School level;
Offer opportunity for training orphaned children and other vulnerable groups currently not benefitting from the safe school initiative.

” We will also provide short term but impactful entrepreneurship training programmes to candidates whose primary school or secondary school education were truncated by the Boko Haram and other crisis.

” Similarly, we intend to offer special scholarship opportunities to talented youths engaged in sports, and also establish a North East Regional Sports Institute in the future and support the training of Nurses, Midwives and retraining of Teachers and vocational training for women and youths.

” These will in no small measure, fight the menace of low human capital and illiteracy which has been traced to be the highest in the north east compared to the rest of the six geographical zones in the nation,” he said.

Kente said based on the UNDP Human Development Reports of 2018, north east States have a Human Development Index (HDI) scores below the National average.

” Ranging from a high of 0.4286 in Taraba to a low of 0.3238 in Bauchi State, less than half of that of Lagos State at 0.6515,the State with the Highest HDI score.”

He assured that the board would partner with States Education architecture, local and international development partners in the education sector, as well as donor agencies, to achieve it core mandate of creating an educated citizenry.

” This we believe will change the educational landscape of the region.

” Our intention and target is to get the first set of beneficiaries of the programme into various institutions by the beginning of the next academic session.”

Kente used the occasion to appreciates the support of the Chairman and Members of the Governing Board of NEDC for setting aside the approved grant to enable the board hit the ground running with the activities of NEDC-EEF.


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By Millicent Umoru-O

The Federation of International Gender and Human Right (FIGHR) a Division of the Maternal Care Project of United Nations (UN) Women Gambia, New York held its 2020 cohort Fellowship on Gender Based and Human Rights Violence (GBV) Advocacy program.

Gistflash gathered that the fellowship which is the first of its kind will be a joint venture, focusing on the development of the Global Ambassador Program as offered by Global Minds Connect (GMC) and Peer Advocacy Education Program as offered within FIGHR. This cohort offers to assist GMC and their pledge to educate and embark on ‘‘One Million Ambassadors’’ to help eradicate GBV and governing bodies of the African Union, ECOWAS and the United Nations in their effort of ending Gender Based Violence, internationally.

The Founder and Lead Advocate, FIGHR, Dr Ameena Ali, during the FIGHR 2020 Gender Based Violence Advocacy Fellowship organized to raise Global Youth Ambassadors said the mission of the fellowership, amongst others is to make sure there is a voice for all those affected by Gender based violence. Adding that the vision is to be a solution to GBV and empower the younger generations with education and knowledge in eradicating GBV.

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Triumphant Entry of Sen. Orji Uzor Kalu After His Release from Prison

Dr. Ameena said the inaugural meeting is to introduce the participants and also give an insight on what the 12 weeks training will entail.

adding that, the training will all be done virtually and after the training, participants will be certified as well as become Ambassadors for Gender Based Violence in their countries.

The virtual meeting featured participants from different countries, including Nigeria, Ghana, India, South Sudan, Afganistan etc.

She urged all to take the 12 weeks training seriously so as to be able to teach and advocate for the eradication of Gender Based Violence in their various countries. She noted that, a certificate will be issued at the end of the training

According to Dr. Ameena, after the 12 weeks training, Ambassadors will be required to go out and teach, enlighten as well as help people in both urban and rural areas to know more about Gender Based Violence and assist in eradicating it.

She further stated that the certificate will facilitate the registration of Non Governmental organisation (NGOs) and Community Service Organisations (CSOs), as that will help the ambassadors reach out to the needed audience. The training which started on 4th of August, 2020 will run till October 2020.

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