Anthony Joshua registers for National ID: Nigerians react as He’s issued NIN slip same day

I remember when I enrolled for this same National ID, I queued for three days just to get captured on the system and I was asked to come back in two days for my NIN slip as the crowd was much for them to control effectively.

Having gone through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, I read the reactions of Nigerians to the news of the British boxer, Anthony Joshua enrolling for the National Identification Number (NIN) and getting his NIN slip same day. The National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) announced in a tweet on Tuesday night that Anthony Joshua registered for NIN and got his slip. The post did not state the location where the boxer was issued his slip but we all know it was issued to him in Nigeria.

Since the NIMC posted photos of Joshua at their office on social media, it has sparked a series of reactions from Nigerians. Some commended Joshua for always flying the flag of Nigeria, other Twitter users alleged the NIMC of double standard, as they lament that the process of enrolling for NIN is always cumbersome which has discouraged many Nigerians from visiting the registration centers.

Looking at some comments from twitter users; …

“I gave up on this foolish National ID exercise the very first day I went for the enrollment. Why do I have to go through such stress for something that won’t be out in 5years?” @EkeVanVictor

 “National Id slip dat same day in Nigeria??, I guess Anthony Joshua will get the plastic the next day…” @kelvikitz

 “Why can’t you guys make it this easy for vast majority of Nigerians this same way? Anthony Joshua is a special Nigerian, right? God is watching all of us.” @IdentikalTwins @iammaleekpholly @Gidi_Traffic @nairaland @trafficbutter @nidcom_gov

 “Comforting that Anthony Joshua got a slip too. Now let his National Id card not be ready just like mine isn’t since 2013” @MideOkuyiga

This is just but a few which reveals the height of corruption in the Nigerian system. The NIMC has accepted their failure to produce permanent National ID for citizens, they settled for the continuous usage of the temporary card & the good thing is, it would never expire. It’s quite shameful that they   have now elevated a slip to a means of identification because of your inability to issue National ID cards!

I enrolled for this national ID card since 2015, and I’m yet to be issued a permanent ID card. All I’ve to show for it is the slip. I guess Anthony Joshua will most definitely get issued a permanent ID card before me. Should we agree to one of the comments on tweeter that says, “Nigeria is for the highest bidder.”??  That’s really funny!!

A lot of people are waiting to see how long it will take Anthony Joshua to get his National ID card  after registration, because some people have registered since 2015 and they’re yet to get it, with the little Mathematics that I know, Anthony Joshua should get his ID card by 2025. We are watching!!!


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