A Soetrich player bags 5 years ban for Bitting the Penis of his opponent

A Football Player bags 5 Years Ban for Bitting the opponent’s Penis. According to a local news website in Lorraine, a Soetrich player was banned for five years by the Football authority in France for biting his opponent’s penis during a post-match fight between a Soetrich player and a Terville player in the stadium car park

A Terville player joined in, apparently trying to separate them while the Soetrich player responded by biting the peacemaker’s penis. The victim went through 10 stitches and had to take four days off work. The cause of the fight was actually a shared blame because the ‘case was quite original’, so the disciplinary committee called a credible witness before deciding to suspend the Soetrich player for 5 years.

The injured Terville player was also suspended for six months for his part in the fight. The publication also revealed that the two clubs were punished with two penalty points and a fine of 200 euros ‘for failing to meet their safety obligations’ and ‘for the lack of reaction from club officials when the fight broke out.’


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