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774,000 Jobs: “Anything for the Youth Without the Youths is Against the Youths”- Lukman Salahudeen



One Stop Youth Talk- NYCC-19

774,000 Jobs: “Anything for the Youth Without the Youths is Against the Youths”- Lukman Salahudeen

The Nigerian Youth Compact on Covid-19 (NYCC-19) held their 5th edition of “One Stop Youth Talk” Live streaming programme on Zoom yesterday, 9th July.

Looking out the issues arising from the Federal Government initiative to recruit 774,000 youths across the 744 Local Government Areas in the 36 States of the federation, the NYCC-19 has used this medium to critically x-ray the ‘774,000 Public Works Recruitment’ which the federal government has designed for the Nigerian Youths.

‘774,000 Public Works Recruitment’ is an initiative mapped out by the government to help cushion the effect of covid-19 on the Nigerian youths.


The public works recruitment according to the head of Advisory NYCC-19 ‘Mr. Uzoh Ifeanyi’ is targeting 1000 youths from each of the 774 L.G.A. in the 36 States of the federation and a 20-man committee were selected from each state to supervise this project.

The recruitment will be channeled to the maintenance of Road and Public Infrastructures across these 774 L.G.A. this project is a 3-months programme which will commence from October to December, 2020 with ₦20,000 monthly renumeration for this job.

This initiative has generated a lot of concerns in Nigeria and up till now nothing concrete has been concluded on this project.  Mr. Uzoh Ifeanyi drew the pointer to the ‘Exit plan’ and the ‘Budget’ of this project.

He therefore, suggested that young people should be included in the decision process of any government initiative that concerns the youths.

Uzoh Ifeanyi, Head of Advisory NYCC-19

“A Noble course does not need majority to drive it. NYCC-19 is a global concept. A monitoring and Evaluation Committee will be set up to ensure the concerns of the youth are duely implemented” He added.

Putting into consideration the standard of living of an average Nigerian Youth, he stated that the project shouldn’t be politicized.

Patience Nnedinso, head of Palliatives NYCC-19 suggested that FG should look out for a long-term youth programmes with a sustainability plan.

In her statement, she said; “ 3 months is just too short and the renumeration for the 3 months is still too small (₦20,000)… What happens to the Youths after the 3 months programme?? They will definitely go back to the streets”

The NYCC-19 Imo State coordinator ‘Francisca Ekwonu’ advised FG to invest in Capacity development for the Nigerian Youths that will cut across various economy sectors. “the government should adopt the market system approach which should be a partnership between the public and private sector to employ the youths after each capacity development programme” she stated.

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According to Ijeoma Eze ‘Enugu state Coordinator’, speaking from a human resource experience – she said;

“The problem of this Nation is not lack of Jobs but most Nigerian youths including young graduates are unemployable”. Therefore, suggested FG should consider professional trainings for youths that will make them employable and relevant to the economy of the nation.

In the same light, taking critical look at the FG Initiative for the 774,000 Youths, the Head of Assessment and Economic Impact on NYCC-19 ‘Lukman Salahudeen’ commended the government for this initiative and expressing his concerns he said;

“The ₦20,000 renumeration is very insulting and the timeframe is too short… the youths are trying to help build the nation”.

“Anything for the youths without the youths is against the youths” He added.

Lukman Salahudeen, The Head of Assessment and Economic Impact on NYCC-19

Doing the calculation of the ₦20,000 monthly payment, it implies that each youth earns about ₦700 daily which cannot cater for an average Nigerian daily expense.

However, he suggested that those youths effected by the Covid-19 pandemic should be Considered first in this Initiative.

Innocent Nduanya, Special Assistant on Youth Mobilization, Anambra state has advised the youths to reject the programme because it is not sustainable. He also suggested that the minimum wage of an average Nigerian ought to be ₦200,000.

“This program is for the L.G.A. not for the youths… the program is already dead on arrival because it has been hijacked even before arrival” He said.




Domak Shelter Ltd. Partners with VIO, Offers 1000 Housing Units



Domak Partnership with VIO
vio home welfare staff cooperative Society partner with Domak Shelter Ltd to Build 1000 Housing Units for Staff


A Leading real estate firm in Nigeria ‘Domak Shelter Ltd.’ is partnering with the Directorate of Road Services, Vehicle Inspection Office (VIO) to offer 1,000 Housing units to its Staff at Domak Garden City, Karshi.

Few days ago, Domak Shelter Ltd. launched the Face of Domak Project- a marketing competition platform through which all Domak products will be sold while the best marketer would be rewarded handsomely.

Interestingly, the Face of Domak project kick-started with 25,000 easy House ownership scheme and the marketers have already step up their games.

In line with this innovative project, the Management Team of Domak Shelter Ltd. ably led by the Chief Executive Officer ‘Amb. Kingsley Azonobi’ signed and sealed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) today, 4th August, 2020 at the VIO Headquarters, Mabushi with the Management team of the VIO Home & Welfare Staff Cooperative Society Ltd. to build 1,000 Housing Units for the staff of VIO.

 This agreement was signed in the presence of the 9 members of the Face of Domak Board of Trustees, Management team of the VIO Home &Welfare Staff Cooperative Society Ltd. and the members of the press.

Bar. Felix Nnadi who is head of Consultancy Units of the Cooperative Society commended the leadership of Domak Shelter Ltd. for this innovative project and expressed his excitement about the signing of the MoU.

In his statement, He said the initiative came along with liberal terms which will mark a legacy in the life of the VIO officials. According to him, the approval for the signing of this MoU was obtained from the Head of National body of the Organization ‘Engr. Sir Paul Bebe’ as well as the excos of the Cooperative Society Nationwide.

Speaking on the August event, Usman Yahaya who is the Director of Administrations VIO made reference on a similar project with the former Minister of Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) who is now the Governor of Kaduna State ‘Gov. Nasir El- rufai’ and how benefiting the project was to the civil servants at that time.

However, he urges Domak Shelter Ltd to make the Housing Scheme an affordable venture for the civil servants.

“The issue of Housing is very important in any civil servant life. When you come to look at it critically, after you must have served for 35-36 years then you retire and the pension is not forth coming. (Even the Housing, where to put your head is no longer there). Therefore, this forms a very important aspect of any civil servant life.”  He said

“Coming up with this very exercise is a very nice one for the VIO. This will go along way to help the staff of VIO plan their retirement life” He added.

Domak Shelter Ltd. Set to Giveaway N10 Million to the Face of Domak

Mr. Mberi Yaro, the Vice chairman of the Directorate, Conference of Directors VIO stated his willingness for every VIO officers to participate in this opportunity. He therefore advised the both parties involved in the MoU to ensure commitment to this laudable project.

Responding, Amb. Kingsley Azonobi expressed his gratitude and commended the VIO management team for the partnership deed. In his statement, he assured them his commitment towards delivering affordable 1,000 housing units to their staff as well as real time monitoring technology ‘Project Watch’ which will enable all subscribers get the actual coordinates to their land.

Worthy of note, the legal adviser to the VIO ‘Bar. Udah’ a 33 years legal practitioner commended the efforts put together in the preparation of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). He therefore advised the both parties to honor the terms and conditions of the MoU.

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House of Reps Probes North East Development Commission Over the Misappropriation of ‘₦100 Billion in 1 year



House of Reps Probes North East Development Commission Over the Misappropriation of ‘₦100 Billion in 1 year
House of Representatives Probes North East Development Commission Over the Misappropriation of  ‘₦100 Billion in 1 year

The house of representatives probes the North-East Development Commission (NEDC) over the alleged mismanagement of N100 billion.

The happened as a result of the motion moved by Ndudi Elumelu, the minority leader of the house, on Thursday.

The commission was established in 2017 to reconstruct states affected by insurgency in the North-east.

According to Elumelu, the N100 billion given to the commission by the federal government “vanished” with nothing to show for it.

The Delta lawmaker accused Mohammed Goni Alkali, commission’s managing director, of awarding non-existent contracts.

“The N100 billion so far disbursed to the commission by the federal government is said to have vanished under a year without any visible impact on the refugees nor any infrastructural development credited to the name of the commission in the whole of the north-east,” Alkali said.


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NYCC-19 Sets up Structures in States for Better Results

“The corrupt practices include high handedness by the managing director, Mohammed Goni Alkali, over inflation of contracts, awards of non-existent contracts, massive contract splitting and flagrant disregard for the procurement laws in the award of contracts.

“There are allegations of how the minister of humanitarian affairs and disaster management, Sadiya Farouk, was said to have entered into an unholy deal with the managing director of the commission to illegally withdraw money for the purchase military vehicles without any recourse to the board.

“The act, which completely disregards the country’s procurement laws, must be seriously frowned at.”

The house adopted the motion after it was put to a voice vote by Femi Gbajabiamila, speaker of the house.

The motion was referred to the house committees on finance, procurement and NEDC. The report on the probe is expected to be turned in after eight weeks.

The development is coming days after the house  has concluded its investigation on the alleged mismanagement of N81.5 billion by the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC).

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The Nigerian Youth Compact on COVID-19, NYCC-19 today held her 8th edition of the ‘One Stop Youth Talk’, a webinar program which is streamed live on Facebook.

Moderating the segment, Bonaventure Nwankama, Head of ICT, NYCC-19 stated that corruption is a form of dishonesty undertaken by a person or an organization entrusted with a position of authority. According to him, it is an act of acquiring illicit benefit or abuse of power for one’s private gain.

He stated that the best way youths can help curb corruption in Nigeria is by Blacklisting the corrupt leaders.

He also advised the youths to get involved in governance and National issues by equipping themselves with the right information.

Speaking on the topic: Corruption & Economic Woes Amidst Covid-19, the Role of Nigeria Youths, Vice Chairman and Head of States affairs, NYCC-19, Comrade Prince Chibuike emphasized on the need for youths to make their voices heard most especially as it concern recent happenings in the country, he noted that youths should be ready to come together to follow up with the the trend and most especially the Federal Government approved funds for youth’s investment program.

He noted that the reason most youths do not make their voices heard is as a result of personal gains from corrupt individuals,

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Group partner chamber of commerce for increased access to finance

Acting NDDC MD, Prof Pondei, Collapses During House Committee Hearing (Video)

774,000 Jobs: “Anything for the Youth Without the Youths is Against the Youths”- Lukman Salahudeen

Curbing Covid-19 Spread: California Set to Release 8,000 Prisoners from the State’s Prison

NYCC-19 Sets up Structures in States for Better Results

Comrade Chibuike further advised youths to wake up to this clarion call and stop allowing themselves to be used as agents to perpetuate crime.

Edo state command Information Officer, Peace Corp of Nigeria, Aigbedion Garnet said the fight for corruption should start with the sensitization of the young ones most especially students in secondary schools as it is better to catch the young. Putting into consideration the actions of the current leaders of the nation, Aigbedion urged the youths to equip themselves with trainings that would build their capacity as well as acquire skills that will make them relevant in the society rather than allowing themselves being used as thugs.

On his part, Waniko Rapheal a youth leader from Kogi State stated that Corruption starts with an individual, therefore it requires self determination to fight it.

In the same light, Shina Gudu, while speaking from Lagos State, said, most Leaders of the country are corrupt, he therefore emphasized the need for Nigerian leaders to lead by example so the youths can emulate them in the positive light.

“What the youths need is proper re-orientation. The Nigeria Youths are resilient but the circumstances surrounding them is neck-breaking” Gudu added.

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