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Investing in Domak Garden City Karshi is one of the safe places to own a land in Nigeria. The concept of buying land is not a well-understood concept and most people don’t know for sure how land buying works.

However, fewer people understand how investing in land is a smart strategic move for diversifying your portfolio. You don’t want to be one of these people.

There are lots of people who have never even considered buying land. You could find yourself asking “Is buying land a good investment?”. The thing here is that most people aren’t always willing to play outside the box when it comes to their money.

The location of Karshi today may looks un-attractive because it is located after Orozo. Orozo is after kurudu. But what makes Karshi to be an investment heaven is because a soon to be completed road that links Karshi to Apo would soon be completed (and a road that links Karshi to Abaji is equally ongoing). Apo is located within the city center. It would take about 10 to 15minutes drive from karshi to Apo.

Nevertheless, you owe it to yourself to invest in Domak Garden City which is a unique project with unique features as this presents you with great opportunities. Here, we present you with 12 reasons which will convince you to be a landlord or rather a land owner in Domak Garden City Karshi;

1.  Land is a Finite Resource

No one is making any more land! We have a lot of land in Nigeria. Buildings can be replaced and demolished, whereas land is a valuable and finite resource, with only limited quantities available. According to a writer ‘Mark Twain’ he said: “Buy land, they’re not making it anymore.” Therefore, save some funds by owning a land in Domak Garden City

2. Land Gives You Peace of Mind

Land is like a ‘golden child’ for investment. No extra effort from you is required. Land in its natural state will always appreciate in value.  Domak Garden City is promising you lots of infrastructures that will boost the appreciation of your land value.

3. Land is a Tangible Resource

Land cannot vanish or disappear like shares or stocks. If tomorrow the world decided that money was just a useless piece of paper and has no value, you can exchange your land for great values. Regardless of what the global economic situation is; currency and monetary values may change, but ownership does not.

4. Land has Low Competition

One thing everyone needs to learn is Real Estate because it provides you with the highest Returns and greatest values with the Least Risk. In this real estate niche, there’s low competition. Most people (especially those with a lot of investment capital) are focused on the shiny and glamorous aspects of real estate investing – condo buildings, developments, house flipping, multi-units. It’s not their fault, almost everyone is focused there.

These methodologies sell-out conferences and consume TV channels all across the country. But sometimes to win, you have to be where others aren’t which is why Domak Shelter Ltd has invested in a city Project (Domak Garden City) ahead of other Real Estate developers in Nigeria.

5. Land is Affordable

Owning a land in Domak Garden City today is currently quite affordable. To acquire a land in Domak Garden City Karshi;

450 sqm =N350,000 and 660 sqm = N450,000

You have a flexible payment plan;

For the 450sqm

  • Daily =500
  • Weekly =3500
  • Monthly =15,000

For the 660sqm

  • Daily = 650
  • Weekly =4500
  • Monthly = 19,000

For the period of 22 – 24 Months. This is a great deal… Seize this Opportunity now!!!

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Domak Garden City Project for all Societal classes.

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6. Land has No Government Implications

When purchasing and investing in land, there are no risky government legislations that owners have to pay attention to because the land was acquired by Domak Shelter Ltd. with Irrevocable Power of Attorney.

7. Land is Great to Hold Long-Term

You can buy on The Fringe and Wait. It is also advisable to buy land near a growing city like Domak Garden City. Land investment is not for the faint of heart or someone looking to make a quick flip and create immediate income. It’s for someone with no immediate plans to develop their property.

It’s for the patient, smart investor, someone who is willing to hold for the long-term or pass it on as a legacy. It’s for the investor who is 10 – 15 years from retirement, who want to diversify their portfolio. Land is a smart long-term hold, allowing you to win the benefits of rising values. Especially if you buy in an area that’s due to expand and grow.

8. Land Appreciates in Value

Land is less costly to buy than developed real estate, simply because there’s nothing there (obvious, right?). There are no improvements or additions to it that make it more valuable.

You can purchase a valuable and quality piece of land for ₦350,000. If you do your due diligence properly and make sure that the piece of land is in a path of growth, it could be supremely attractive to future developers. You could sell that property 10x what you bought it for! That is some easy profit!

9. Land is Easy to Purchase

When purchasing land, you don’t need to rely on an expensive bank loan or mortgage with unfair and high-interest rates. You might not need to take out any loan at all. Most of the time, if it’s a private sale, you don’t even need to get a credit check! Domak Shelter Ltd is offering affordable financing plans that make it easy to buy land on any budget.

10. There’s Lots of Land Available

Domak Garden City has 11 estate lands with variety of Land use Purposes from residential to commercial down to farming open for sale and partnership. Often times people bought a property that they had big plans for and never got around to, or maybe it was inherited and they didn’t really want it to begin with. Maybe they’ve experienced trauma recently and are looking to simplify their lives. Maybe they just want some cash. Or perhaps the owner lives out of state, and they have no emotional connection to the lot. Combine that with low niche competition, You too can take your pick of there!

11. Land is Easy to Subscribe

To own a land in Domak Garden City is Easy. The entire process can usually be done remotely – all online. This is a very attractive quality! If you live in Abuja or outside Nigeria and wanted to invest in Domak Garden City, you don’t need to travel the 2,000 miles to get there. You simply a call the Company hotlines and discuss. Then you fill out the form online and make payment to the company account. upon payment, your Allocation letter is processed and delivered to you either in hard copy or via E-mail.

12. Land Gives You Freedom

Freedom! Land gives you the opportunity to be creative and mold property how you want. You can hold it for a lifetime and leave it as part of an inheritance. You can purchase land, save up some money and hold it for a decade, and then build your dream home! Or you can create your own golf course, paintball arena, dirt bike track, there are endless opportunities!

Investing in land isn’t just for the rich and the famous of the world – it’s for everyone! So do yourself a huge favor by taking the time to educate yourself and learn why land is a fantastic investment.

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1 Comment

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#Jerusalema: The story behind one of the most Shazamed songs in the world



#Jerusalema: DJ Master KG

The story behind Master KG’s ‘Jerusalema,’ one of the most Shazamed songs in the world

“‘But it’s very late,'” Nomcebo recalled telling him. “‘You want me to come now?'”
When she got there, the beat Master KG played gave her goosebumps; she loved it. It would later come together as the global hit, “Jerusalema.”
However, Nomcebo didn’t think she could come up with lyrics right away and asked if she could work on it at home. Master KG gave her the confidence she needed to do it that night, but she still shooed him out of the recording room so she could have some space to think.
After a few more listens, Nomcebo had an epiphany.
“Something came out from my mouth. And I was like ‘Master KG, come back, come back. Where’s the earphones?’ And then we recorded around midnight,” she said.

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Though the lyrics are sung in Zulu, “Jerusalema” quickly rose to global fame. At the time of publication, the track is the second-most Shazamed song in the world — behind only BTS’s “Dynamite” — and the music video has over 185 million views on YouTube and counting.
The song has already landed Master KG five African Muzik Magazine Awards (AFRIMMA) nominations and countless celebrity shout-outs — in part thanks to the global dance challenge inspired by the song.


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Rolls Royce unveils “Bumblebee 5000” car based on 11-year-old girl’s winning entry to “Best Futuristic Concepts Competition”



Bumblebee 5000
Rolls Royce unveils “Bumblebee 5000” car based on 11-year-old girl’s winning entry to best futuristic concepts competition

Rolls-Royce has unveiled what may be the future of motor transport – a car based on a bumblebee and powered by honey. 

The prestigious British car manufacturer brought to life a series of the best futuristic concepts.

This included the outlandish bee car which features wings and was designed by an 11-year-old schoolgirl identified as “Sofia”.

More than 5,000 designs and blueprints were submitted by children across 80 countries as part of a competition during the lockdown. 

It was devised to provide a creative outlet for children aged 16 and under confined by Covid-19 lockdown restrictions.  

The firm’s design team at Goodwood, West Sussex, then used the same software they would for a real Rolls-Royce project to digitally enhance the drawings. The UK winner of the Rolls-Royce Young Designer Competition was Sofia, 11, with her Bumblebee 5000+9

The UK winner of the Rolls-Royce Young Designer Competition was Sofia, 11, with her Bumblebee 5000

The UK winner of the Young Designer Competition was 11-year-old Sofia with her Rolls-Royce Bumblebee 5000 which the CEO of Rolls Royce described as ‘quite extraordinary’. 

A delighted Sofia said: ‘The Bumblebee 5000 is the very best way to travel and to have parties in with your family and friends. 

‘Moving smoothly, it will take you wherever you want to go with style and having fun. 

‘With comfortable tables and chairs, a disco ball, the best surround sound system, WiFi, GPS, a hook for luggage and much more, it makes it the best option on the automobile market. 

‘You will never see anything else like it.’  The competition saw more than 5,000 designs and blueprints submitted by children across 80 countries during lockdown+9

The competition saw more than 5,000 designs and blueprints submitted by children across 80 countries during lockdown

CEO of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars “Torsten Müller-Ötvös” agreed, saying: ‘The entries that stood out for us were those that showed a real depth of thought, effort and expression, and incorporated lots of different details. 

‘The best didn’t just draw “the nicest car”: they created amazing experiences that showed the freedom of their imagination, not hindered by physical, real-world constraints. The winning entry is quite extraordinary.’ 

Head of Bespoke Design Gavin Hartley added: ‘We were particularly drawn to Bumblebee 5000 because it’s all about sociability, having fun, sharing good times and having the finer things in life, which is exactly what Rolls-Royce is all about. 

‘It also reflected our own interest as a company in the natural world and bees in particular.The Bluebird II was designed by Chenyang, aged 13 from China, and won the technology category+9

The Bluebird II was designed by Chenyang, aged 13 from China, and won the technology categoryThe Capsule was designed by six-year-old Saya from Japan and won the environment category+9

The Capsule was designed by six-year-old Saya from Japan and won the environment category.

Sofia’s school is to have an electric car kit installed, enabling them to participate in future Greenpower motorsport events. 

She also won a chauffeur-driven ride to school in a Rolls-Royce with her best friend. 

There were no rules or specified judging criteria to constrain entrants and children could let their imagination run free, creating designs of richness, creativity and diversity. Florian, aged 16 from France, designed the Turtle Car which can transport passengers by sea, land and air. The entry won the fantasy category+9

Florian, aged 16 from France, designed the Turtle Car which can transport passengers by sea, land and air. The entry won the fantasy category For the fun category Léna, aged 11 from Hungary, designed a colourful vehicle called Glow+9

For the fun category Léna, aged 11 from Hungary, designed a colourful vehicle called Glow

The original deadline for entries was extended after the competition proved an instant success.  

There were four other category winners in technology, environment, fantasy and fun with winners from across the world and ranging in age from six to 16. 

The technology winner was Chenyang, 13 from China, who designed the Rolls-Royce Bluebird II while the environment category was won by six-year-old Saya from Japan for the Rolls-Royce Capsule design. 

The Turtle Car by Florian, 16 from France, which can transport passengers by land, sea and air won the fantasy category and Léna, 11 from Hungary, won the fun category for the Rolls-Royce Glow. 

Three entries came highly commended, including Bolt which was designed by Declan, aged 10 from the United Kingdom. 

The other two highly commended entries were nine-year-old Tim from Germany for Prosperity and six-year-old Alisa from Russia for House of Esperanto. The Pinnacle of Intergalactic Space Travel: Ten-year-old Declan's design Bolt was highly commended by the judges+9

The Pinnacle of Intergalactic Space Travel: Ten-year-old Declan’s design Bolt was highly commended by the judgesNine-year-old Tim from Germany was also highly commended for his design Prosperity+9

Nine-year-old Tim from Germany was also highly commended for his design Prosperity Alissa, aged six from Russia, designed the House of Esperanto vehicle, which can communicate with every creature and combines house and car, was highly commended+9

Alissa, aged six from Russia, designed the House of Esperanto vehicle, which can communicate with every creature and combines house and car, was highly commended

Mr Müller-Ötvös said: ‘On behalf of myself and everyone at Rolls-Royce, I would like to thank every single Young Designer who entered the competition, and for all the thought, hard work and creativity that went into their designs. 

‘There is some amazing talent out there, and I wouldn’t be surprised if some of our entrants went on to work as car designers one day – perhaps even at Rolls-Royce.

‘The most important thing I’ve learned from this competition is that whatever our circumstances, we have the power to create amazing things, because our imagination is always free to fly. 

‘I hope the children who took part will recognise this, too, and that it will be something positive they can take from their pandemic experience.’

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Organization Reaffirms Commitment to Support FG through Youth Employment (Video)



Domak Shelter Ltd.

A private organization, ‘Domak Group’ has reaffirmed its commitment to support the Federal Government in creating employment for the youth to move the nation forward.

Mr. Kingsley Azonobi, Managing Director of Domak Shelter Ltd. disclosed this in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Friday, 9th October in Abuja.

Azonobi said the support initiative was as a result of the organization’s activity to celebrate the 60 years of Nigerians living together as one entity and as most dynamic and innovative people.

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FG to Reopen NYSC Camps Nationwide

774,000 Jobs: “Anything for the Youth Without the Youths is Against the Youths”- Lukman Salahudeen

Effective Youth Engagement in Electoral Process Amidst Covid-19

Tertiary Institutions in Lagos State to Re-open on September 14th – Governor Sanwo-Olu

I don’t care about what people say about me when I’m dead – Obasanjo

Domak Shelter Ltd. Partners with VIO, Offers 1000 Housing Units

“The entertainment industry must be allowed to gradually get back in business!!”- #Falz

NYCCOVID-19 Begins Nation-Wide Training for Nigerian Youth to access CBN – NIRSAL Bank N10 Million Naira Loan


In his speech, he said “The journey has been excellent, educative, interesting and encouraging in the sense that we are still together, it is not that easy to hold on to a nation.

“So many elements have tried to break us apart, but Nigeria cannot break, no matter what anybody wants to do, we are one Nigeria and we will remain one.

“It has been a very successful journey so far; the motivation behind Domak empowering youths and the needy is borne out of passion to give back to the country.

“We tried our best to motivate unemployed youths; we just issued employment letters to six youths out of many that we have employed during COVID-19, in spite of many companies shutting down.

“We reviewed our strategies and came up with lots of initiatives to create employment within this lockdown; we have employed not less than 35 youths and other Nigerians.

“We have added a lot of job opportunities to this government and that is what we are here for, to support the government,” he explained.

Azonobi urged Nigerians to always speak positively about their fatherland, adding that negative things come to people who speak negatively, while positive things attract good things of life.

He decried negative messages by people on the social media about Nigeria that portray the image of the country negatively.

“Once you speak positively about your nation, you will get what you speak,” Azonobi said.

Watch Video Below;

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25,000 Housing Units Project at Domak Garden City ,karshi



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